Specializing in product development, our team devote themselves to your projects and products. With our in-depth knowledge of off road vehicle accessories, we think, create, validate and produce creative solutions.
Industrial Design
Test & Validation

During the design stage, our designers define each distinctive characteristic, like aesthetic appeal and durability, but also the relationships between different parts from the standpoint of their structure and function. They thus create a better performing product with thoughtful ergonomics as well as a longer lifespan all this while reducing production costs to offer even more competitive products on the market.


Our industrial design team is attentive to your needs and works with you to satisfy the requirements of your end users while taking your product’s DNA into account. To quickly generate concepts and ideas, our designers leverage hand sketches and then produce photorealistic renderings, followed by models to fuel brainstorming and ideation.



In partnership with you, our engineering team optimizes the design and manufacturing of your products while minimizing production costs. Passionate about motor vehicle accessories, it’s through creativity and collaboration that our engineers will provide the right solution for you, whatever the project’s scope and complexity. Meeting deadlines and a smooth product development process are our priority.


Our engineers are an extension of your development team. They are dedicated to your project and work for you. We build on the strengths of each team member and work closely together to achieve your goals. Exchange and teamwork foster new perspectives that encourage innovation. They are ready to share their experience, ideas and knowledge to meet your requirements.


All products are rigorously tested. We have our own test track and test bench. Our teams of models makers and prototypists quickly bring your idea to life in order to validate its feasibility. We make sure that your product meets your requirements and we take all the means at the cutting edge of technology to validate the functionality and reliability of your products.


We use our knowledge, skills and abilities to validate your products to ensure that they have been developed correctly and efficiently. In fact, many of our test benches have been custom-designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and to precisely ensure the quality, performance and durability of their parts.


All the parts we produce are the fruit of our commitment to quality. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to create even better products. Quality is everyone’s business. Our efforts go beyond inspections and tests, extending across the whole production process and the involvement of every employee.


Communication is at the heart of our organization. Building a human relationship is what we do. We listen, we understand and we care about each client. We will always try to find the best solution for you and promise never to take your business for granted.

Our team is made up of people who are passionate about off road vehicles. It brings together experts in sales, product development, coordination and much more. They are not just experts, they’re people with a charming human side who love working together like we’re all part of one big family. They are dedicated people who want to see your products triumph and perform as much as you do.
- Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. - Henry Ford
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Soucy International

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Maxime Normand
Business Development Director
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Joel H. Warnert
USA Account Manager

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Shawn Rossignol Jenei
Canada Account Manager
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Tony Skufca
USA Account Manager
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Vanessa Gill
Sales Project Coordinator
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Marie-Claude Boisvert
Internal Sales Coordinator
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